About Us


TBM T83 is owned by Brad and Jane Deckert of Eureka, IL.   Brad is a businessman who started Deckert Electric, Inc. in 1991.  After 27 years in the electric trade, Brad has recently taken the path of full-time aviator.  

Brad started flying in 1999 and has accumulated over 4,000 hours in various aircraft.  He holds a private pilot certificate, an instrument rating, a commercial rating along with his airframe & powerplant mechanic endorsement. He also holds a rotorcraft rating, a rotorcraft instrument and a rotorcraft commercial rating.  He is type rated in the TBM Avenger as well as being FAST formation rated. In addition to these, he has endorsements for high performance, complex, and tail wheel airplanes.


Our TBM is a 1945 model and was used in the Okinawa Conflict as an active torpedo bomber.  It was retired from the Naval Fleet in 1956.

We Know TBMs!

TBM Avenger, LLC is dedicated to the preservation and restoration of one of the greatest aircraft of the WWII era.  We offer parts, knowledge, support and opportunity for people to admire this aircraft up close.